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Name: Robert Pace
Website: QuePID.ORG
Location: Richmond, Kentucky, United States
Birthdate: 1969-11-29
E-mail: quepid@gmail.com
LJ Talk: quepid@livejournal.com (Jabber)
AOL IM: quep1d
ICQ UIN: 43846206
Yahoo! ID: quepid69
MSN Username: quepid@gmail.com
Jabber: quepid@gmail.com
Google Talk: quepid@gmail.com

Bio: See Below.
Education: Working on a M.S. Biology
Religion: Atheist
Interests: See Below

Background: Born in Harlan County Kentucky. Met a quite lovely lady from Australia who flew out to meet me in November of 2002, we have been inseparable since. After quite a bit of travel (All across USA/Brisbane & Lismore Australia) we have settled down back in Harlan County and were married.  We both are graduate students (and GA’s) at EKU, where I study Biology and my wife Community Nutrition

Hobbies: Most of my spare time I can be found working/studying in Moore #125 (Spatial Data Research Lab) or Memorial Science #170 (EKU Herbarium).

Projects that I oversee:


Interests: anne mccaffrey, anthropology, anti-censorship, anticensorship, australia, babylon 5, baking, beaches, biology, books, botany, brisbane, candy, cats, chai, cheeses, chemistry, chocolate, compression, computers, cooking, crafts, cuisine, cultures, delerium, digital art, dune, dvds, efc, elfwood, encryption, enigma, ethnobotany, evolution, fantasy, final fantasy, foodnetwork, fred saberhagen, french, gaming, gardening, graphics, habanero, henna, herbalism, herbs, herpatology, hiking, horror movies, html, icq, internet, ireland, iron chef, Jacqueline carey, kathrine kurtz, killer instinct, landscaping, languages, latin, linkin park, linux, loreena mckennitt, love, lush, martial arts, marvel comics, michael moorcock, microbiology, mountains, movies, mp3s, music, mutantx, mycology, netmeeting, painting, peppers, pern, philosophy, photography, photoshop, php, physics, pierce anthony, piercings, plants, pottery, ps2, psychology, reading, rendering, roger zelazny, scifi, sculpting, seafood, security, slackware, snakes, soy, spices, star trek, t.a.t.u., tai chi, tattoos, tatu, tcl, tea, technology, theatre, tool, travel, vegetarian, video games, wasabi, web design, wendy rule, wine, winxp, woodworking, x-men.

Hall Elementary School – Harlan, KY (1976 – 1984)
James A. Cawood High School – Harlan, KY (1984 – 1988)
Southeast Community College – Harlan, KY (1991 – 1994)
Eastern Kentucky University – Richmond, KY (2008 – 2011)
Eastern Kentucky University Graduate School – Richmond, KY (2011 – 2013)

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