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16 Dec

Zoology Histology

Here are some  photos that I have found of various tissues which may be very useful for the histology portion of the Zoology Lab Practical #3.  Good Luck!

16 Dec

Zoology Dissection: Sheep Heart

I forgot to label/upload the sheep heart until today.

13 Dec

Zoology Lab Practical #3 Photos

Here are all the photos that are pertinent to the Zoology Lab Practical #3. Good Luck to Everyone ! !

13 Dec

Internal Frog Dissection

Here are the photos of the Internal Frog Dissection all nice and labelled.

07 Dec

Zoology – Frog Dissection

Here are all the photos of the Frog’s Muscle & Skeletal Examination.

30 Nov

Zoology Dissections (Chondricthes, Osteichthyes, Agnathans)

Here are the dissection photos for the Wednesday quiz.

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