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11 Jan

Dury is an adolescent.

Dury’s eyes are beginning to turn red, which along with him everting his hemipenes marks him as a male. His weight today was 280g (~10 oz).  

20 Oct

Our reptiles

Sirtalis, Dusty, and Dury.

31 Jan


Visit this page for the species list  and photographs for BIO 556 (Herpetology). http://www.quepid.org/?page_id=2234

17 Oct

The Colonel Pumpkin

Elli carved out this pumpkin for EKU’s Homecoming Brunch. For reference here is an image of EKU’s mascot: http://www.campusexplorer.com/media/376×262/Eastern-Kentucky-University-BFAD350D.png

13 Jun

Unknown Grass Head

I found this interesting seed head of a very robust grass growing in a vacant field today.¬† It is quite interesting as it is obviously wind dispersed seedlings attached to a head…very reminiscent of a dandelion seed head, just much larger (roughly 4″ diameter). Note: The plant was identified as a type of western salsify […]

12 Jun


Elli made a delightful spanakopita.

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