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11 Jan

Dury is an adolescent.

Dury’s eyes are beginning to turn red, which along with him everting his hemipenes marks him as a male. His weight today was 280g (~10 oz).  

26 Jun

Dury’s Weight

Our beloved curmudgeonly turtle has gained some weight.  He now weighs 142 grams almost a third of a pound.  When we were given him he was under 40 grams.

20 Oct

Our reptiles

Sirtalis, Dusty, and Dury.

07 Jul

Dury’s Weight

Our female juvenile eastern box turtle (Terapene carolina carolina) has gained some weight.  He is now up to 68g which is not bad weight gain for the time period.  If you look closely you can age him by the rings of his scutes.

28 Feb

Pet Weights

Just weighed our pets to the nearest gram with the following results: Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis (Sirtalis) 190g Thamnophis sirtalis sirtalis (Dusty) 188g Terrapene carolina carolina (Turp) 51g Turp has gained 6g of weight in two tweeks, granted she was on a full stomach when I weighed her this time. We also have a quasi transient […]

17 May


A photo that took earlier tonight.

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