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19 Apr

Colony Collapse Disorder

Just finished reading a few new reports on a potential cause and suggestive treatment for Colony Collapse Disorder… quite interesting. Some research is pointing to a microsporidian (fungi), Nosema ceranae as a potential cause or  at least some  implication in Colony Collapse Disorder. http://www.biotechnews.com.au/article/299535/fight_honeybees?fp=16&fpid=1

17 Jul

Actias luna (Luna Moth)

I heard this fluttering against our kitchen door and I spotted a beautiful male Luna Moth (Actias luna). Here are some of my photos (click to enlarge):

12 Jul

Virginia Creeper Sphinx Moth (Darapsa myron)

I saw this moth out on the porch and decided to photograph it.

24 Jun

Lophocampa (unknown)

I found this moth today, or rather it found me.  It was very metallic looking, as though covered in gold or copper.  I am thinking it is in the Lophocampa family and is some type of Tussock moth, but I cannot find an exact match.     EDIT: Someone pointed out it is most likely […]

24 Jun

Apatelodes torrefacta?

I found this moth in my kitchen tonight, I’ve seen plenty of them around, but this one was perched in a good spot for me to photograph, which I did.

30 May

Female Io Moth (Automeris io)

I went out on the porch and noticed this rather large moth sticking at the base of my living room window.  I had my wife come out and take photos of it.  It is a large (3.5″) female Io moth (Automeris io) of the Saturniidae family of moths.

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