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28 Jun


Had a great time today. Me and Elli headed down to the Gold Coast and visited Surfers Paradise beach which was incredible. It was my first taste of a large beach and the water was really not bad for winter (20°C) and 23°C outside. Took quite a few photos. Three more days till our intercontinental […]

11 May

Wendy Rule

The concert was incredible. It was in a hindu temple with wonderful statues and such a wonderful vibe. There was no more than 60 in attendance and we were all seated on a hardwood floor in bare feet as Wendy Rule dance and sang amongst us with her voice filling the air with a voice […]

07 May

Wendy Rule

Good luck has once again shined its face up on me. Noticing Wendy Rule’s website that she will be doing a gig at Serene Earth Sanctuary in Byron Bay this Friday and me and Elli have tickets (woohoo). And from what I was told the event will be small with no more than 60 people […]

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