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26 Jun

Dury’s Weight

Our beloved curmudgeonly turtle has gained some weight.  He now weighs 142 grams almost a third of a pound.  When we were given him he was under 40 grams.

07 Jul

Dury’s Weight

Our female juvenile eastern box turtle (Terapene carolina carolina) has gained some weight.  He is now up to 68g which is not bad weight gain for the time period.  If you look closely you can age him by the rings of his scutes.

31 Jan


Visit this page for the species list  and photographs for BIO 556 (Herpetology). http://www.quepid.org/?page_id=2234

22 Feb

Racoon (Procyon lotor)

I looked out our bedroom window and saw a racoon scrambling around our parking area. Elli took this photo of the lil guy before he retired to the tree.

16 Dec

Zoology Histology

Here are some  photos that I have found of various tissues which may be very useful for the histology portion of the Zoology Lab Practical #3.  Good Luck!

16 Dec

Zoology Dissection: Sheep Heart

I forgot to label/upload the sheep heart until today.

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