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14 Aug

Pentel Forte Pro II

I really am a big fan of the Pentel Forte Pro II’s drafting mechanical pencils, I have used them for quite a few years with the 0.9mm being one heck of a work horse.  Well late last semester I purchased a 0.3mm pencil…you know for those instances that a professor allows you to cram anything/everything […]

08 Jan

Late Night Ramblings

Elli and I were talking in bed about drives within peoples lives. I am an informational junkie, in my world any void of knowledge on a subject usually sends me to google, professors, books, periodicals, etc. We then started deciding what drives other people and how these drives could be classified. Intellectual – Requiring a […]

10 Oct

Election 2008

I just mailed my absentee ballot. Now the long wait to see who wins the presidency.

04 Oct

VP Debate

I think that Joe Biden did incredibly well in the vp debate.  I believe he is the clearcut winner of the debate because he answered all the questions presented to him in a knowledgeable way.  Palin on the other hand seemed to avoid most questions presented to her.  I did not get a glimpse into […]

04 Jul


I collect and use spices, and tonight I organized my spice cabinet. I counted 68 different herbs/spices/blends/extracts, listed below: Alum, Almond Extract, Anise Seed, Annato, Sweet Basil, Bay Leaf, BBQ Chicken Seasoning, Black Peppercorns, Cake Spice, Canadian Chicken Seasoning, Green Cardamom Pods, Cayenne, Cajun Seasoning, Chinese Five Spice Powder, Cinnamon, Chamomile Flowers, Celery Seed, Celery […]

13 Oct

Shaving Part Two

Well I have been shaving daily (sometimes twice a day) and my face is as soft as a babies ass. I must admit there was much more to shaving with a double edged safety razor than I thought. For example generating the right later with a shaving soap and learning how to hold the blade […]

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